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The Auxiliary of La Mesa Post 282 exists to help support Post 282 and its facility, and conduct various programs and issues for veterans, children, youth, and Americanism.  Some examples of our involvement includes preparing and serving low cost meals within our facility, Stand Down, parades, poppy distribution, scholarships, recognition for La Mesa Police and Fire, Christmas for families who has at least one parent in a deployed status, flag distribution at cemeteries to honor deceased veterans, and other such programs.  The American Legion Auxiliary works closely with all of the veterans’ organizations resident in our facility with primary support to American Legion Post 282.  All of the organizations help to maintain and operate the facility, necessary for the support and welfare of veterans and for the community of La Mesa. 

Come to a meeting, come to the facility, and/or call/email one of the officers to find what we are all about.  We want your membership and we want you to join us in our various endeavors.   We have many opportunities to engage your skills and help you develop your management skills, if so desired. 

In depth information for the American Legion Auxiliary can be found at https://www.legion.org/auxiliary.
Can I be a member of The Auxiliary?

Q: I am related to someone who served on active duty during one of the membership eligibility dates of 7 Dec 1941 to the present or from 6 Apr 1917 to 11 Nov 1918?

A: If you are a spouse (male or female) of an active duty servicemember or of a U.S. Veteran who served from 7 Dec 1941 to the present, you are eligible.  Also eligible are female relatives.  If the qualifying veteran is deceased, you may join the American Legion Auxiliary although the qualifying veteran may not have been a member of The American Legion when living.  If the relative is a current member of the American Legion, proof of eligiblility is not required.  Otherwise, you would need to provide a proof of eligibility (DD-214 is the most common method) of the relative.  (Note, that at the time of this update (20 Sep 2019), we are awaiting changing guidance on some eligibility requirements.)

1.  To Become a Member of the Auxilliary, download & complete the American Legion Auxiliary Membership Application, and submit to Post 282. Before submitting, print two completed copies and mail one so you have a copy. [To download the form, right-click on the link above, select and left-click "Save Link As...".]

2. Keep one copy of the application for your records and either mail (P.O. Box 265, La Mesa, CA 91944-0265) or bring the other copy to the 8118 University Avenue address together with your $45.00 dues payment if a new member (thereafter, yearly dues is $35.00).  If mailing, include also a copy of the DD-214 or other proof of eligibility.  If you are hand-carrying your application or completing the application at the Post, you need not permanently provide the DD-214; it need only be shown to an officer of the Post or person accepting the application.  We do not retain any of the documents provided other than the application itself.   Optionally, you may scan and send the proof of service to: www.julie@juliefox.com  

3. Checks are payable to La Mesa Post 282 Auxiliary. DO NOT SEND CASH.  If you are hand carrying the application, we can also process the payment electronically. 


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