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Do you have a few hours to spend to help your veterans and community?  Do you care about helping others?  Do you desire the veterans maintain a strong presence in La Mesa?  If you answered yes to any of these, we would be most interested in having you be part of our team.
Volunteerism and membership are the lifeblood of an organization; especially when one is non-profit as we are.  It seems that today’s generation is not too keen on volunteering since benefits are not perceived.  However, the benefits are real to the personal self and they are many – and the needs are great and continuous.
Those volunteering receive the satisfaction of working to help others in need and providing a foundation for the future generations of veterans who have fought for what you enjoy.  We want to remain in the community serving the veterans of La Mesa but to do this requires the work of many, not just the some who can be depended upon.  
Here are just some of which are needed (and this list will be changed as the needs change):
Chairperson or Assistant of a Committee you are interested in.  Check the website for the Committees in existance.  
Leading or assist with the various food offerings.  
Providing or assisting with emailing to all of the membership.
Be our Facebook and other media guru.  

Assistance cleaning the building and routine weed abatement around the building.  

Taking care of the Vietnam Memorial.  Involves mowing grass, cleaning the POW/MIA Chair, and raking of fallen pinecones and other debris.

If you in the business of any of the above and wish to then volunteer to provide services for us, please know that we are a 501(c)(19) Veterans Organization and qualified to provide a letter of donation for your labor and materials that you can then use for tax consideration purposes as allowed by law.  

Interested? Please email the Commander Jack Porath at jporath1@roadrunner.com or call 858.366.8630.  

Note that none of our officers or members of the board receive any sort of monetary compensation.  All of our funds go to Programs benefitting the veteran, family, community, and facility.   We depend and rely on volunteers.